Agfa lab vs Epson V350

For some time now I’m playing with analog photography. When my parents said they want to buy a good flatbed scanner, I’ve persuaded them to choose Epson Perfection V350 Photo. That’s mainly because the auto film loader it has. I’ve read many opinions that flatbed scanners are no good for small picture. But isn’t it better to have mediocre free scanning, than none free scanning?

Here are some initial results (the first frame I did), compared to an Agfa lab told to be of good quality. Go for it, choose the better image by yourself. Important: the images are meant to be watched at at full resolution, should be opened in multiple tabs. Full resolution available by clicking on an image.

Note: Epson scanned images are cropped, but resized to the same size as Ankara’s - this is slightly bigger enlargement. Also the film got a bit damaged in the meantime.