I tend to list photography as my hobby. This usually means taking a lot of family souvenir shots. However, these are hardly interesting for the outside world. Here I present the few photos that may be less hermetic. All thumbnails are links to galleries. They are ordered by the order of adding them here, the newest at the top.


Alps Alps
Alps Alps

Small walk around Gorges-du-Loup and Gréolières. The late winter weather makes this a particularly attractive destination, pretty close to the coast.


Alps Mushroom

A hike in the French Alps. We were lucky enough to buy some cheese made from milk obtained from the cows in the photos.


Inner garden Bard Windows 1410

Trip to the biggest medieval castle in the world.

Mountains Switzerland without getting out of the car.

Old galleries

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Bee Butterfly Christmas snail Hail Mary Teddy
Spider Teddy Fireworks Puddles Castle, behind bars Fireworks Bee Spider Grasshopper Butterfly Self-portrait The shop for clients Guitar hero Flower River Happening Seal Kids Dolphins Sealife Easter Coast Bird Duck Swan Fire

Technique notes

Most of what I have written about photography is not worth serving any more. Exceptions: