Open Source Software

I write software. That’s what I do. Much of it is one-off useful in my research. Some of it used to be commercial stuff, never reaching wider public. What remains are open source projects that I list here.

By the way, I admire Stallman’s vision and fight for Free Software. However, there are people who can’t use GPL’d software. Thus, I recently switched to MIT license. Not Stallman-free, but more practical if you want to be nice for people in the industry.


PHDoc is the neat piece of software with which I maintain this site. It generates static HTML files and handles uploading them to the server for you. It also comes with an embedded web server, so you can preview your site directly on your computer.

MySQL Quota Daemon

MySQL Quota Daemon is a lightweight tool for limiting database sizes. As the MySQL server has no support for preventing disk from getting filled up, an external one is needed. Other solutions are often bloated or too obscure to use. This one keeps low profile, being both nice to the system it runs on and easy to use. A basic front end for simple management and informing of any quota violation is included.


A pretty simple and efficient data deduplicator. Works by hard linking files that have the same content. It allowed me to cram a set of backups that originally was over 700GB into just 400GB. Features saving and restoring intermediate results, so you can run it in a few short intervals. You can also take your time to review the changes, before they are committed to disk.


The first project on my university was to draw a simple shape with Borland C++ and conio or GCC and ncurses. I got a bit more ambitious and written this little cool game.


A side effect of learning Allegro. This game could be playable, but easiest done rewriting from scratch. Maybe next time when I’ll be learning some computer language or library. For now it is abandoned/unmaintained for years.

Splay Tree

As a programming exercise, I have implemented a Splay Tree in C. It is a fully operational library, that could come quite useful if you need a Splay Tree (surprise!). On the other hand, it is one of over 9000 implementations of the same thing, coming from other exercising developers ;)


Once a friend came out with a wiki project. He wanted to code something on his own, and done so in C++. It took him well over a thousand lines to make something usable. Then I wanted to check, how many lines do I need to make a wiki in Perl. I spent one afternoon in September 2005 on it.

Simplest firewall script

Nothing fancy - just a few lines of Bash adding or removing a few iptables rules. But I keep forgetting where is the plain version of it, so here it goes. This particular flavor is for Debian.

VCard Splitter

The very first problem after buying a new nokia E51: how to import contacts from my old Motorla. Solved with KMobileTools and a little Perl script.