A side effect of learning Allegro. This game could be playable, but easiest done rewriting from scratch. Maybe next time when I’ll be learning some computer language or library. For now it is abandoned/unmaintained for a few years.


After another ambitious movie from Hollywood, aliens decided to take action. To make it look like an accident, they decided to blow Earth with a comet. Yet it’s not an easy task to hit it, even when firing from the inner parts of the Solar System…


Once I was testing a library called Allegro and writing some random code with it. When I’ve got a few working snippets, I came out with an idea for a simple game.



Geddon screenshot

Development state

v.1.0 - complete

No further work to be done on this software.


The binaries are statically linked with data included, so nothing more is needed.

Key bindings are displayed on the initial screen. Remember, that after firing all the comets it’s your decision when to end the round.



Geddon is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL), which can be found at Additionally you are encouraged to mail me any feedback about my software.